water sculptures

I have been producing water sculptures since my degree in sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art in 1998.

They are built to either reflect, like a mirror, that which is behind them (influenced by the still, dark lochs and the glens of Scotland) or to ripple and reflect those patterns onto the wall behind, making the wavelengths and the natural phenomena found in the combination of water, light (and music) visual.

Skypool 21.06.00, wood and water, degree show piece in the Mackintosh Building, Glasgow School of Art 2000
The sides of the pool were angled to align with the summer solstice sunrise and sunset, specific for Glasgow’s latitude.
Skypool 21.06.00
River Song water pool 2018, burnt timber and water, reflecting the musician Rachel Hamilton
Experimental pool, reflecting projection of film 2016
Requiem, 2016 with the musician Dave Robinson playing the vibraphone, photograph by Louisa Love
Requiem, 2016 with audience, photograph by Louisa Love
Reflecting Peace, Requiem pool, Dover Studio 2016
Requiem, 2016 with Vibraphone
Camera Obscura pool, Romney Marsh Visitor Centre 2013
Camera Obscura pool, experiment with speaker wavelengths with the sound artist Gerry Kelly, 2016
Camera Obscura pool, experiments with the double bassist Clive Fletcher, 2016