Music and Light Symbiosis

Music and Light Symbiosis, a long term project which invites collaboration with musicians to incorporate music and sound with my art practice in various ways, using light and water as the predominant communicative mediums.

Music & Light Symbiosis Piece no. 2

RIVER SONG  swans | music | water | light , River Garage Studio, 13.10.18

Photographic still of Rachel Hamilton playing the harp reflected in a eight foot square pool of water, surrounded by burnt wood.

These photographic stills were taken during rehearsal.

During the performance four pieces of music were played:

The Swan (Le Cygne) from The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns
Cello Suite No. 1 in G major, Sarrabande by Johann Sebastian Bach (Cello)
Prelude No. 1 in C Major (BWV 846) by Johann Sebastian Bach (Harp)
Irish folk tune My Lagan Love arranged by Hamilton Harry

Earlier in the evening Mike Bacon was playing by the river itself: Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude, Minuet 1 & 2, Gigue by Johann Sebastian Bach (Cello)

Music & Light Symbiosis Piece no. 1




















REQUIEM for the Dead and the Living, Dover Collective Studio Space, 11.11.16

Photographic still showing the pool square pool of water, Dave Robinson playing the vibraphone and my hand moving the water. Photograph by Louisa Love.

Documentary film of Requiem for the Dead and the Living, 2016

The water is moved by the sound waves from the vibraphone for the first minute, after this point I am moving the water with my hand in response to the sounds and Dave is playing in response to the refracted patterns off the water.

“Vibration and sound are at the root of existence, mostly felt, but rarely manifested together. 
The piece was a poignant and transporting example combining water, sound and image. 
A transformative and essential work for meditation and expanding awareness.” Paul Cheneour, Flautist/composer

“Witnessing Kate Beaugié’s Requiem for the Dead and the Living was a truly mesmerising experience. The combination of spatial installation, light and performance created an ephemeral and ethereal Gesamtkunstwerk and the symbiosis of sound and vision transformed the space of the studio into a fully immersive environment.” Gabor Stark, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. SFHEA, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader MA Urban Design, UCA Canterbury

“A beautiful experience which surprised me by eliciting a deeply emotional response. The blending of sound with moving images and the use of light was sensitive and inspirational. I found the work moving and would be excited to see any other work from Kate.” Jenny Loe, Specialist Teacher (SEN) and trainee yoga teacher.

Music & Light Symbiosis Experiment no. 1

The Art Shack, Romney Marsh Visitor Centre, Kent, March 2013

Photographic still of Gerry Kelly using sounds from outside through a speaker to create sound waves that move the water into the patterns shown.

Music & Light Symbiosis Experiment no. 2 

The Art Shack, Romney Marsh Visitor Centre, Kent, March 2013

Photographic still of Clive Fletcher playing the double base; the spike of the double base was in the water and these patterns were made by the combination of physical movement and sound waves from the gut strings and horse hair of the instrument.

Music & Light Symbiosis Experiment no. 3

Dover Studio Space, October 2016

Using a projector shining down onto the water, I was able to control the colour and the images. I experimented with my own Haiku films and the cult classic, “Rumblefish” by Francis Ford Coppola.