forest studio residency, post 1: from id to outward


Id primal reaction no.1 – released from ideas and conceptual structures; I express myself as simply and directly as possible with paper and charcoal.



out  – primal reaction no. 2 – an awareness of light and environment comes into the day 2 response.



nest, abode, birth – primal reaction no.3 – feeling inside something looking out, day 3.



universe – primal expression no. 4 – being out in the universal space, perceiving and comprehending the source of light.


DSC_0025subject – primal expression no. 5 – cube; object to reflect the universal light and break it down into reasonable and logical structure.




black square – primal reaction no. 6 – the dualism of black and white, light and dark, fear and surrender; a simplification of the cube. From in looking out. Me being in the universe. Dark forest. Fear. Peace. Balance.

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