The amazing natural phenomena of a camera obscura

It works and is quite mesmerizing.

I have simply blacked out my studio (on Tontine street) and I drilled an 8mm hole in the wooden blackout board over the window and like a miracle I can see the street outside, right down to the bottom and I can see people walking by with red umbrellas and vans driving past, as the vibrations of them are felt throught the building, because it is now and it is absolutely real, its happening, like a film on the ceiling and the back walls, but it is also going on simutaneously outside. Amazing.

On the back wall it is also incredible, but then a seagull flies by and its makes the reality connect, slightly!

These are my first experiments. Tomorrow (the solstice), I am going in to perfect it, with 7 different hole sizes, blackout fabric from FHODS (thanks Peter Hesleden) and I am also painting the solstice part of the floor work; ‘Optimum light’. A good time to be an artist.

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  1. Hey!! How interesting to actually do this! It looks fantastic. I might even be inspired to try it. It is actually amazing!

    Look forward to seeing some of your films


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